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Many mysterious creatures, usually imaginary, called cryptids can be explained quite accurately as reality based sightings, using the electroballs model.

There are two kinds of cryptids able to be explained with this model:

  • Animals or persons attached to electroballs.
  • Electroballs misidentified as cryptids.

Animals attached to electroballs.

Sometimes the blood of an animal or person could be attracted by a nearby electroball, usually transparent, making it to levitate, but without force enough to raise all the weight. Then the animal’s back legs will continue touching the ground creating the illusion that the animal walks on them. It happened also with persons. If the electroball is opaque it can be misidentified as wings. Very often this is correctly identified as “possessed by a demon”, if we identify an electroball as one, like in the old times. Many of these cryptids share with the electroballs their attraction to suck blood from other creatures.

This kind includes the cryptids: werewolf, wendigo, skinwalker, goatman and probably minotaur, the Jersey devil, the pictish beast, some vampires, etc.

Minotaur and monoliths of the “pictish beast” (Scotland) and the “deer stone” (Siberia). Up In the stones are visible the electroballs raising the animals.

Electroballs misidentified as cryptids.

Sometimes the electroballs have been misidentified as cryptids by their variable characteristics especially because they often appear at night:

  • Body: one or more electroballs attached.
  • Limbs: formed by protrusions from the electroball, usually pointing down.
  • Hair: cobweb, leaves and fibres could be attached to the electroball looking like coarse hair. Ice needles would form around radially when there is water present.
  • Eyes: when the electroball is covered with ice needles each one of the observer’s eyes see the light on the core on a different place creating the illusion of two eyes looking to the observer.
  • Size: variable from tiny fairies to giants.
  • Light: ball lightning and other glowing electroballs.
  • Voice: growls by air leaks and hissing by corona discharge.
  • Claws: the contact with one often feels like a claw.
  • Other details can be perceived by induced hallucinations.

Body : Made by one or more electroballs combined of different sizes. Usually they are vertically aligned because the ground has charge too. They can be opaque (white, grey, black), “metallic”, translucent, transparent, glowing or looking like light or fire. The edge use to be blurry. The surface could have folds. An example is the Flatwoods monster, made of three electroballs.

The “limbs” of this electroball, 20 feet in diameter, pointed and touched the ground during landing.

Limbs : When electroballs are near an object with opposite charge, like the ground, they could leak the content of the core forming a beam or protrusion towards it. So, it would be identified as a limb like a leg or like a tentacle. An example is the nightcrawler.

Hair: different objects could cover an electroball looking like hair or feathers:

  • cobweb: some migratory spiders use a method to travel long distances, called ballooning, based in the use of some threads of cobweb to levitate under the electrified air of a storm. If an electroball is near them they could be attracted and atached to the surface. Click here for an example video. Another example video.
  • angel hair: a mysterious substance similar to cobweb has been found in many sightings of UFOs, angels and other miraculous appearances. It has been reported to vanish with the touch instantaneously.
One covered with ice needles seen emerging from a lake
  • ice needles: under very intense electric and magnetic fields ice needles can be formed around the electroball if there is water present but it is not clear how. There are kinds of ice formed with high voltage and at much higher temperatures than the freezing point of water. With light they use to look grey but black in the dark. This ice vanish very fast. Click here to see a video of artificially made ice needles.
  • other fibres and objets light and easy to charge can be attached to the electroball creating the look of coarse hair.

An example of this is Bannik, a bathhouse spirit in Slavic mythology. He is usually described as a small, naked old man with a long beard, his body covered in the birch leaves left over from well used bath brooms. Shares many other things with electroballs.

Some witness depictions of bigfoot fit
Is this a bigfoot-sasquatch nest ?

It is posible that many bigfoot-sasquatch sightings are big electroballs covered with branches and leaves electrically attached to them. Part of the debris could reach the ground looking like legs specially if there are protrusions extended to the ground. In that case it would be like a nightcrawler covered with debris.

At short distance the electromagnetic field could trigger hallucinations making the witness mind to “see” a face or other non existent details.

When the electroball vanishes the debris falls to the ground forming a circle misidentified as a bigfoot nest. Probably it is radiactive like many electroballs.

Size: very variable, from short lived tiny fairies to giants, like the bigfoot.

Examples of brilliant electroballs

Light: When the electroballs are brilliant the light comes from the discharge between layers, from the external glow or from beams of plasma protruding from the core. The light can be blocked totally of partially by the ice needles or other substances on the electroball. Some flying cryptids with light or fire around are Phoenix, Firebird, Rarog, Huma and Simurgh.

Also included there are several gods, angels and demons.

Glowing electroball covered with ice needles (CGI)

Eyes: Many times have been reported that some cryptids have big glowing eyes looking to the witness in an hypnotic way. This could happen when a glowing electroball is covered radially with ice needles, then, when the witness looks at it, each eye see the glow among the ice needles pointing to the eye in a different position thus creating the illusion that it has two glowing eyes looking to the witness. With less ice it is only visible one big eye. This explanation is only valid at short distance

“It had very large, very red eyes, which glowed from inside as if lit up, and as it looked at me I was quite terrified, and very much aware of the creature’s breath, which was warm and strong as a gust of wind. But before it had reached the door, it vanished.”

Witness depiciting a “shadow person” inside home.

If the electroball is bigger and further those “eyes” are not visible but, if there is light on the top, its light would be reflected on the ice needles looking like horns or eyes like in this picture of a real UFO. See how it looks like a demon.

Some cryptids with brilliant eyes are hellhound, black shuck, the Flatwoods monster, bogeyman, el coco, some demons, shadow person, mothman, owlman, etc.

Hellhound, black shuck and the bogeyman-el coco
Demon, mothman and owlman.
Observe the resemblance of “hairy” electroballs with some cryptids like Mothman, owlman, bogeyman, etc.
Owlman of Cornwall

Voice: Sounds like crying or hissing are made by corona discharge. If the electroball is bigger an air leak could have a sound like growls or trumpets.

Hands and claws: they are rarely visible but many people report hand or claw marks on their skin, doors or on mirrors. Probably the hand marks are made by the pressure of an electroball covered with “folds” and the claw marks are made by electric discharges from the tips of ramifications at the end of protrusions, but it is not clear yet.

Atraction to blood: sometimes the electroballs strongly attract the blood of an animal or person sometimes even sucking the blood from them. Among them there are some vampires, strix, bogeyman, demons, wendigo, skinwalker, etc.

If they attack a person when sleeps it could be misidentified with sleep paralysis, but often like a sex assault, it was called demonic possession by incubus if attacks women, or succubus if it attacks men.

Electroballs could move underwater and be identified as sea monsters like Nessie.

Other details can be perceived by hallucinations induced by the strong electromagnetic field at close distance on the witness neurons. Also have been reported feelings of danger or being observed by someone evil, even before noticing anything weird around. Rarely the witnesses report feelings of great calm and peace.

Electroballs use to appear more often during full moon nights, specially during perigee. Full moon and perigee increase the flow of plasma between the night side of the Earth and the moon. The light side of the moon has electrostatic charge by the impact of the solar wind. Some cryptids, ufos, sleep paralysis and poltergeist phenomenon are more common during full moon nights because they use to be electroballs.

Written by Miguel A. Galán, 3-may-2022, in Madrid, Spain.