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Proposed model to explain the mysterious animal mutilations observed in the last decades and similar legends of gods taking “blood sacrifices” from many ancient civilizations.

This model is also useful to explain the Dyatlov Pass incident (Russia), the Colares UFO attack,  the Reservoir case (Brazil) and rains of animals among many others.

 1 – The Sun ejects a plasma flare from a Coronal Mass Ejection and it reaches the Earth interacting with the magnetic field.

2 – Depending on the magnetic field plasma will concentrate more in some places, like around the south atlantic magnetic anomaly and around the poles, were auroras are more common. Plasma can flow too from the Van Allen Belts to the atmosphere by the influence of the moon during full moon specially at night.

Notice that the world map showing solar particles detected fits quite well with UFO sightings).

3 – Charged plasma (charge Q) sometimes will be surrounded by air charged with the opposite electric charge (-Q). They mutually attract creating then a bilayer bicharge structure. I call this “electroball”. The electroball will compress and spin faster if it moves to lower altitude increasing the brightness of the electric discharge around its core and the magnetic field intensity. Sometimes the external layer glows too.

4 – The electroball will move towards places with intense magnetic anomalies or electrically charged areas like mountain tops or hills. Many lenticular clouds are electroballs but with little electric charge to be a threat.

5 – If animals are on that place their blood could be electrically charged. The mechanic is unknown : may be the hemoglobin can catch oxygen ions from the external layer of the electroball and then be electrified if it breathes it or may be the static electricity charges the hemoglobin.

(Picture of cows with St. Elmo’s fire on the horns).

6 – Once the blood is electrified it will be attracted to the core of the electroball moving to the head, producing brain edema and flowing to the face, eye balls and tongue. Internal organs will suffer damage and bleeding.

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7 – Sometimes a beam of plasma will leak from the core of the electroball attracted to the parts of the animal with more blood, like the chest, sucking the blood in that point. (Pictures from the Colares UFO attack , Brazil 1977).

8 – If the attraction is big enough the animal will be raised to the core of the electroball by electromagnetic levitation and exposed to radiation, sometimes suffering burns. If it hits the animal soft tissues could be evaporated (picture).

9 – The weight of the animal will be supported by blood filled organs but some of them will not resist the weight so they will be ripped off, usually in the joint of different tissues, because there is a discontinuity of mechanic resistance there, creating the illusion of a surgeon work. Tissues ripped off usually are the eye balls, tongue, ears,  genitals and sometimes rectum or inside the nostrils because they are in the surface.

11 – The body will not be attracted enough after losing the organs filled with blood and will fall, hitting the ground with an electric discharge. The electroball could be attracted to poles , hills, fences… leaving the carcass there. The corpse will continue loosing blood to the electroball remaining on the ground mutilated, drained of blood and radioactive, because solar plasma is radioactive.

12 – Sometimes the animals attracted are fishes , frogs or birds and they have been seen falling as weird “rains” in the past. Also weird rains of “blood” have been seen but probably they use to be spores of the alga Trentepohlia annulata or volcanic ashes. Rains of real blood from mutilated cattle probably wouldn’t be noticed.

– Some physicists think plasma phenomena were more common thousands of years ago (+3.000) and was identified then as the Gods of ancient times who took animal sacrifices and as other mythological creatures . People observed that these gods appeared more often over mountains, hills and pyramids so they made shrines there to give their offers to calm their anger to avoid more attacks. A way to test this theory is to check the level of radiation on those places to check if it is higher than usual.

 ( Pictures of an Aztec sacrifice and a shrine in Mongolia).

There are around 800 monoliths in Siberia (Russia) and Mongolia called “deer stones” depicting deer as if they were levitating to an electroball and mutilated around. Probably these monoliths are warnings to those nomads or shepherds moving in that area. Their function is officially unknown. Those places are very exposed to solar plasma. It is said those places are toxic, probably by radiation.


Maps of cattle distribution, animal mutilations and magnetic anomalies in USA.

Global Magnetization Map

Written by Miguel A. Galán on april 25 2021 in Madrid, Spain.

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