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Electroballs are formed by a ball of air, gas or plasma charged with static electricity, that does not explode due to electrostatic repulsion of its particles, because it is confined inside another mass of electrified air or gas with the opposite charge.

Picture of a glowing electroball-ball lightning and direction of electric forces inside it.

Between them a layer of electrically neutralized gas or air acts as an insulator.

Thus a structure is formed that stores electric charge like a spherical electric capacitor. If it rotates it generates a magnetic field.

Sometimes there is a glow around the different layers produced by corona discharge.


Electrocloud: when the inner ball contains air or gas. It includes some lenticular clouds, “metallic orbs” (reflective), translucent clouds, and transparent electroballs (the most common type, invisible, responsible of the Poltergeist P. if they enter at home).

Ball lightning: when the inner ball is formed by plasma or incandescent material such as ball lightning, earthquake lights of the same kind or artificially created with electric sparks. It is possible that the light comes mainly from corona discharge without heat.

The core of some electroballs are often made of solar plasma, like auroras, or by particles from the Van Allen belts, so they are “extraterrestrial” inside.

Electroballs created in laboratory

Electronic cloud: when the core is formed by an object charged with electricity, such as an airplane or a ship.

Electronic cloud around Bruce Gernon’s plane after getting away of a 100 km lenticular cloud-electroball through an air leak through the crust in the “Bermuda Triangle”, Miami, 1968.

Space electroball: In the vacuum of space, I don’t know if plasma or gas predominates, they tend to lack brightness.

Detected in the solar corona, through the solar system (Helios I & II probes).

Examples of spaceballs around the sun:

Planet-sized electroball releasing plasma for 40 hours to the Sun. It was blown away by the solar wind like a solar sail.


Due to electric storms (ball lightning), volcanic and seismic activity (by underground piezoelectric effect; earthquake lights) as well as extraterrestrial origin due to the arrival of space plasma generally concentrated by the influence of the magnetic field and local anomalies. Plasma discharge from the Van Allen belts seems to be the main source, especially during full moon.

This is part of “On the Natural Causes of Global Warming” by Mikhail Kovalyov. Download it at:

Meteors vaporizing through charged layers of the atmosphere seem to be responsible of the weirdest. Also they can be made artificially by electric discharges.


The inner layers are compressed so their temperature and pressure will be higher, and can sometimes be detected with thermal-infrared cameras.

The humidity will differ from outside and the optical properties will vary with increasing pressure. Sometimes boiling water can be seen inside.

Sometimes the plasma or air of the core leaks through the crust forming a beam of plasma or an air leak producing skyquakes: sounds like trumpets, jet engines or “whooosh” sounds, but also explosions if the electroball explodes like a balloon.

Sound example:

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The noise around can be dampened sometimes producing a weird silence near it and even suppressing the sonic boom if it goes at supersonic speed because the air reacts around it differently because it is charged and strongly attracted to the core.

It will react strongly to environmental electric fields and due to its low mass it can experience strong accelerations or remain weightless over a place.

It is simultaneously attracted and repelled by environmental charges, being able to follow electrically charged objects at a constant distance, collide with them or be repelled by them depending on the charges and the distance.

This can be verified with the following analogy with magnets in the following video, since the magnetic forces in the plane behave as the electrical forces ( jump to 1:20).

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Some electroballs combined react like atoms forming molecule-like structures. Sometimes they share an external layer in such a way that the surface hides the electroballs inside making it difficult to understand.

Rotation generates a magnetic field, often very intense, which is why it tends to react to magnetic anomalies and ferrous objects.

It is attracted to blood: may be breathing charged air makes blood charged too.

It attracts spider webs (angel hair) and animals like livestock (cattle mutilation), fishes & frogs (fish rains) and people.

They react to light, specialy to laser beams crossing the core, because the light makes easier to create plasma flow inside and discharge the electricity. With a pocket laser a brilliant one flashes and with a powerful laser lightnings can be triggered inside a storm cloud. So light seems to help discharge the electroball and even to repel it.

If it is compact enough it could move underwater (USOs) or in the vacuum of space.

As time passes, it discharges which causes the outer layer to break, releasing the pressurized content with an explosion or a jet of air or plasma directed generally towards the ground and sometimes producing skyquakes.

If the airball is large the burst produces a sudden strong wind downwards called microburst, dangerous for aviation and even sink sailboats (Bermuda Triangle).
Video of a wet microburst:









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Written by Miguel A. Galán, 12-june-2020, in Madrid, Spain.